Waiting Take a Village Too

The announcement usually comes during prayer time. A young husband and wife exchange a knowing glance and then share the news: they’re pregnant! After bursting with congratulations, their small group leaps into planning a baby shower, organizing a meal train, and praying for the little one on the way. Most churches know how to supportContinue reading “Waiting Take a Village Too”

The Worth in Our Waiting

In all my countless trips to the grocery store, I’ve never chosen the checkout lane with the longer line. I’m sure you do the same on your Target runs. When you’re dashing from errand to errand, the last thing you want is to get stuck in the aisle with the shopping cart jam. Most ofContinue reading “The Worth in Our Waiting”

How Hope Makes a Path in the Pit

The sun sank below the dusty window ledge. I didn’t bother getting up off the couch to turn on the lights. All I wanted was to stay curled up in my husband’s arms, our toy poodle nestled against my neck. For hours, our little family sat there, grieving in the dark. Going through a failedContinue reading “How Hope Makes a Path in the Pit”

Seeking God More Than Answers

Words swam before my eyes in a blur of medical jargon. My husband, Colin, and I were skimming paperwork in the fertility clinic waiting room. We had already been through several years of tests and treatments –– all of which failed. Now our doctor was recommending we try in vitro fertilization (IVF). Everything within meContinue reading “Seeking God More Than Answers”

Adoption Isn’t a Way to Get Pregnant

The moment the nurse placed him in my arms, I knew we belonged to each other. All the tears and frustrations of the past several years pooled into a fountain of joy. Now I understood why God has us wait for a baby: So we could have this baby. After my husband and I struggledContinue reading “Adoption Isn’t a Way to Get Pregnant”