Do you struggle trusting God? I do. Especially when life is hard and I can’t see beyond the difficulties surrounding me, I start to wonder if God cares. My mind wrestles with the truth I know and the hurt I feel. I know he is good, but will he be good to me?

Over time, the Lord graciously opened my eyes to the beauty of surrender. Through wandering valleys of disappointment and defeat, I found what I was longing for most: him.

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life.”

~ Proverbs 13:12

Latest Articles

  • Why Waiting Is Good for You
    On the floor in front of me, a fraying carpet strand held my gaze. “Don’t look up,” I whispered through gritted teeth. Pushing against the cold metal chair, I leaned forward and buried my nose in an outdated People magazine. The lower I hunched, the less pain I absorbed from this torture chamber known as the waitingContinue reading “Why Waiting Is Good for You”
  • What Would Jesus Post?
    I wore it with the confidence of a No Fear brand ambassador. I believed my neon yellow WWJD bracelet flashed the message I’M A CHRISTIAN, setting me apart from the world and in with the Jesus freaks. Like other Christian movements of the 1990s, the “What Would Jesus Do?” phenomenon spawned a generation of youthContinue reading “What Would Jesus Post?”
  • The Key to a Mom’s True Happiness
    Before I became a mom, I pictured happiness as a gallery of chubby smiles, goofy faces, and sleeping babes nestled in their mama’s arms. That vision crystalized into a deep, unmet longing when I couldn’t get pregnant for months, then years. As I scrolled through my friends’ photos on social media, the whispers of futureContinue reading “The Key to a Mom’s True Happiness”

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