The Worth in Our Waiting

In all my countless trips to the grocery store, I’ve never chosen the checkout lane with the longer line. I’m sure you do the same on your Target runs. When you’re dashing from errand to errand, the last thing you want is to get stuck in the aisle with the shopping cart jam.

Most of us avoid waiting as much as possible. It’s not hard to understand why. At best, waiting is inefficient. More time means less convenience. So we pay extra for two-day shipping, cook casseroles in an Instant Pot, and ask Siri for directions instead of googling them ourselves.

At worst, waiting feels unbearable. If you’re waiting on a diagnosis for your sick child, for your husband to return from active duty, or to find out if your friend survived a car accident, a delay can make your heart sick.

I’m well-acquainted with the heartache that comes with waiting to become a mom. During my infertility struggles, I cried out to God with questions—mainly “Why?” and “How long, Lord?” Yet instead of giving me reasons or sharing his timeline, God led me to his Word. There I found language for my grief, especially in the Psalms and other passages expressing lament. 

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Image courtesy Cristian Tarzi on Unsplash.

Published by jennhesse

Coauthor, Waiting in Hope: 31 Reflections for Walking with God Through Infertility. Content director at Waiting in Hope Ministries. Wife and boy mom x3.

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