Christian Clickbait and the Lost Art of Using Our Brains Online

This must be a joke. Confusion, shock, and other unpleasant emotions smoldered under my skin when I first read a recent viral post featuring a graphic and title that you’d expect to see on the Christian parody site The Babylon Bee. “Men Prefer Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos” blew up on social media last week, generatingContinue reading “Christian Clickbait and the Lost Art of Using Our Brains Online”

Blast those pesky words of the year

As an achievement-driven checklist junkie, I’ve long since punted on making New Year’s resolutions. These unnervingly eager declarations are a death trap for those of us planners who’re strong on the start-up and weak on the follow-through. January gets me bursting with fresh ideas and gleaming ideals, then by March I’ve melted into a puddleContinue reading “Blast those pesky words of the year”