It’s April already?

Nearly three months since my last post, and many important events have transpired in the meantime: Our nation’s first black president was inaugurated and, in what some may consider his first mistake among many more to come, botched the oath of office; Detroit automakers and a bunch of other undeserving companies fended off bankruptcy atContinue reading “It’s April already?”

3 days ’till Christmas …

and I’ve got the next two weeks off of work, which means that I have lots of time to update the blog. It also means that there’s still 72 hours left for me to “accidentally” find out what Colin got me for Christmas. You see, I suffer from a condition – curiosity-itis – that causesContinue reading “3 days ’till Christmas …”

Hello world

Yep, that’s right. Your favorite tall, smartcastic scholar and chlorine-lovin’ journalista have finally started their own blog. We decided to bite the bullet after receiving several e-mails from friends who deemed blog invitations as sufficient forms of communication. Seeing this opportunity to keep in touch with people without cluttering up our inboxes or racking upContinue reading “Hello world”