How Long, O Lord, Shall We Be Quarantined?

“Captain’s Log. Day: Who Knows?”

Since governors across the United States began issuing stay-at-home orders to slow the spread of COVID-19, jokes about days blurring together helped us laugh and cope with cabin fever. Yet as weeks passed into months, and some states extended shelter-in-place restrictions indefinitely, the running gag lost its appeal.

We miss going to work, attending school, hanging out with friends and worshipping together at church. Staying home – either alone and battling loneliness, or with family members stepping on each other’s toes – is proving to be exhausting. Despite how we joke, we’re painfully aware of what day it is and when we want normal life to resume.

Quarantine has worn us out.

The waiting period we face today reminds me of the years my husband and I spent trying to grow our family. Waiting through tests, treatments and the adoption process left me confused, tired and anxious. The never-ending not-knowing stretched on until I nearly despaired of having a child. Just as we ask the Lord to heal the sick and restore our world from a pandemic, I begged him then to look upon my affliction and fill my aching arms.

In both types of waiting, we cry for an answer: How long, O Lord?

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Photo courtesy Jeff Hendricks on Unsplash.

Published by jennhesse

Wife, mother, writer, editor. Content director at Waiting in Hope Ministries. Chai tea fan. Helping you trust God in times of defeat.

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