If I Had a Daughter

Hair bows, leg warmers, ballet flats – things that shimmer, things that tie neatly, things that smell pleasant – sequins, ruffles, and all the shades of pink that could ever be squeezed out of the palette. This is a world that is foreign to me, a culture I don’t belong in, much less comprehend, becauseContinue reading “If I Had a Daughter”

Ain’t No Shame Feeling a Little Mom Guilt

I wasn’t a cheerleader, but I don’t have anything against them. I mean, I might find them a tad annoying, but just when they overdo their performance beyond the average person’s tolerance level for perkiness. It only takes a quick scroll through any popular parenting blog site to find cheerleaders of another squad than your local highContinue reading “Ain’t No Shame Feeling a Little Mom Guilt”

8 Reasons You Should Laugh at Your Kids

Raising children is serious business. You’ve got to feed them, clothe them, wash them once in awhile, teach them right from wrong, and train them to become decent human beings who hopefully contribute something worthwhile to society beyond the dissemination of daily selfies. Raising children is also hilariously entertaining. They say ridiculous things, pull crazyContinue reading “8 Reasons You Should Laugh at Your Kids”